Eledeese Studio is a creative agency born in Venice, California, founded by Leandro Di Stefano. Over the past years, the agency has been involved in shaping and managing brands and projects in different markets around the world. The influence of Eledeese has helped bring to life and inspire many people, projects, and brands, featuring a wide range of well known launches, collection designs that included products, as well as graphic, brand concepts, and marketing campaigns and more for all industries.

The agency specializes also in global licensing, skillfully connecting brands with strategic partners across diverse international markets. Our proven success extends to countries such as the USA, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Japan, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil.

Leandro, an entrepreneurial visionary and brand builder since 2002, transformed a modest investment into a 10 million dollar business . After orchestrating the growth of a portfolio of 10+ brands, he sold the ventures. Now, through The Studio, he channels his expertise and collaborates with a fantastic team to empower brands globally.

Among the clients are New Era Cap, Universal Music Group, Emi Records, Fame House,  Capitol Records, Def Jam, Petersen Automotive, Interscope, Emerica Footwear, éS Footwear, Sismo Los Angeles, Huntington Surf & Sport, Dada, Altamont, Baker Skateboards, Deathwish and more.